Success Stories

Stories from all ages how CBD has helped them succeed.


"During his adrenaline-filled career Jeremy Lock was named Military Photojournalist of the Year seven times, awarded the Bronze Star Medal for distinguished service in Iraq, and documented battles, disasters, and everyday life in Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Haiti, Mongolia, and many other locations. At every step Lock has been there with camera in hand, steadily and skillfully documenting what we might otherwise never see."




"Through that journey, I kept coming across stories and research regarding CBD oil and how children with a variety of neurologic conditions had seen amazing results. After reaching out to multiple companies, Spectrum CBD offered to help and we started Quinn on high dosage of CBD in conjunction with her medications. This is when everything changed for us. We have thorough medical documentation of the EEG’s my daughter underwent since her initial seizure. Every EEG we took up until incorporating CBD showed significant pre-seizure/ abnormal activity happening in her brain. After incorporating full spectrum CBD oil with Quinn, we witnessed a miracle happen."


Epilepsy Success Story


"Never one to shy away from controversy or the limelight, renown Chef John Tesar’s life choices are just as daring and bold as his cuisine. The four-time James Beard “Best Southwest Chef” semifinalist and “Top Chef” contestant specializes in modern American cuisine prepared with authentic European techniques, served up to his legion of fans who flock to his Dallas-based steakhouse – Knife"




"As part of my artistic process, there is something about collecting that I love. The trip to the hardware store, to gather my materials whets the appetite to create. The time I spend organizing and cataloguing the swatches is meditative. The exploration of the subject matter and the scrutiny with which i discern the slightest subtleties of color and tone challenges me. Each small piece of paper with an identifier of it’s color source, specifically cut to create for the viewer a digital-age impressionistic reference to a paint by number – my adult version of a puzzle."