First Time Buying CBD Products? Know These Tips.

When you first walk into a medical dispensary, the first thing that will probably go through your mind is "whoa". It is a pretty overwhelming experience seeing all of the goodies that are for sale. When you are looking for CBD oil though, there are certain things that you need to be looking for.

Extraction- There are many ways to extract CBD  from hemp, and most dispensaries won't expect customers to know the different extraction methods, let alone ask when they go to buy. A lot of companies use cheap methods involving toxic solvents like hexane, propane, and butane to extract the oil. These are flammable gases that are found in petroleum and you don't want to put them into your body. Look for oil that has Supercritical (subcritical) CO2 extraction; this is the safest way to extract oil. It uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and very low temperatures to preserve, isolate and maintain the purity and high quality of the CBD oil.

Sourcing-  The quality of the CBD oil you are purchasing is dependant on where it was grown, how it was grown and the species of cannabis (sativa, indica or ruderalis). Other values that factor in the quality of oil is plants growing in the farmer's garden and plants growing on the neighbor farm. This is important because cannabis absorbs contaminants through the soil while it grows, which can taint the end product.

Bioavailability- This is the proportion of a substance that enters your body's circulation for the active effect. There have been times where products claim to have CBD content when actually there is zero CBD content in them. Maximizing bioavailability is essential to lower the cost of a CBD product.

It's a good idea to always have a list of questions ready for products you are interested in buying. If it is your first time buying CBD products don't be afraid to ask questions! You would want to know what side effects come with pharmaceuticals your doctor would prescribe, you should want to know about the holistic remedies you are trying as well.