Our journey started with a terrible diagnosis: ALS. Every morning and night, painkillers were the only thing that kept my sister Cindy comfortable. But comfort came at a terrible price – Cindy couldn’t even recognize her loved ones around her. One morning she told me that she didn’t remember me being with her over the last 3 days. She felt so badly she started to cry. And we all cried with her.

I knew something had to change. Cindy couldn’t go on this way. We stopped her pain medication, and she started taking CBD oil instead. The results were amazing. Her mind was clear and her pain was minimal. She felt very comfortable. 

We knew the end was inevitable but Cindy was able to say goodbye with a clear mind. She was able to communicate with her loved ones. CBD may not have saved her life, but it completely changed the quality of it. Still, Cindy told me to think of it as “A LIFE SAVED”, because she was able to truly be with us until the very end. She asked me to share this story with others.

Cindy’s story motivated me to launch Spectrum Hemp. I’ve seen firsthand through the natural benefits of CBD, that one’s quality of life can be vastly improved. A Life Saved can be everyone’s story. Experience Spectrum Hemp today.